Compressed Air Pipework Installers in East Anglia

The challenges of compressed air pipework installers in East Anglia

East Anglia is a challenging geographic region if you need compressed air pipework installers, because is has a diverse range of industry sectors each with specialist compliance and commercial needs. East Anglia is home to agri-tech growth, several advanced manufacturing clusters which include automotive, civil aviation, composites and pharmaceuticals. East Anglia is also home to some of the most significant food and drink companies in Europe. East Anglia is comprised of the counties of Cambridgeshire, Norfolk and Suffolk. Whatever compressed air pipework installation you need, from a small pneumatic fitting to a major compressed air installation, to a full system design Cambs Compressors are ideally placed and have all of the specialist expertise you need for a better quality compressed air system.

Better quality compressed air system installations come with 3 key benefits.

Reduced costs through the latest energy efficient technology reduce the Health & Safety risk because the engineers in our installation team are fully accredited. Downtime is also reduced because Cambs Compressors design your compressed air system installation to be completed with minimal site disruption.

Reduced Costs (in East Anglia**)

Whatever the size of your system, energy saving opportunities will be designed into your installation to maximise your efficiency. This is accompanied with a ‘pay back on the investment’ of each installation option presented. This is because our design engineers and installation teams have extensive ‘real world’ knowledge and experience in installing across a wide variety of materials from galvanised steel and stainless steel, welded and plastic, aluminium systems, and crimped pipework. Plus, we understand how the different industries use compressed air and have the practical experience to know what works best for your specific size and sector.

Reduced Health & Safety Risk (in East Anglia**)

Whatever the size of your system, energy saving opportunities reduces the Health & Safety Risk because the engineers in our installation team are fully accredited with Safety Passports, CSCS certificates and IPAF licences. Supported by design and installation engineers with SSSTS, IOSH and NEBOSH accreditation. All systems are installed to the British Compressed Air Society Standards and keep your business, its reputation and most importantly the people working within it safe.

Reduced ‘down-time’ (in East Anglia**)

In-house capability to design and install complete compressed air system installation - any scale, whatever challenges your compressor room location presents, stringent quality regulations are needed or operational requirements. Cambs Compressors can complete any commercial or industrial application compressed air system installation. With full project management for turnkey systems - handling the complete process from drawing board to installation and commissioning - means you have full peace of mind that your compressed air system installation will happen on schedule and within budget.

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