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With a move to new premises, a renewed focus being measurably the best compressed air service provider in the region - our attention has now expanded to include apprenticeships. Training new engineers and ensuring the long term delivery of excellence in the field of compressed air installation, servicing and repairs means investing now.

Working to engage the compressed air engineers of tomorrow

Mark Fryer, Cambs Compressors Managing Director, has pledged to develop the next generation of Compressed Air Engineers. The goal is to develop ‘home grown timber’ by taking on apprentices who display the right attitude. “Academic results when at school are important, but school and the workplace are very different environments. The best engineers, in my experience, are often able to apply their thinking when presented with a real life issue - rather than a hypothetical situation. So we’re actively recruiting apprentices who display empathy with a customer, have good listening skills and a keenness to get the job done right. We can teach the skills not the attitude.”

Taking the long view

Cambs compressors have worked to develop a structured training programme within the modern apprenticeship programme which combines the academic requirements with the old fashioned ‘shadowing’ of an experienced craftsperson. So the trainee engineer has the very best mix of learning, experience and development opportunities. This commitment to developing the next generation of compressed air engineers has extended to signing up for the Primary Engineer Programmes®. This is a national programme which has created an engineering curriculum that focuses on the development of children and young people through engagement with engineering and the promotion of engineering careers for pupils. It bridges the gap between industry and education and has won various accolades.

Looking for the compressed air engineering talent of tomorrow

Cambs Compressors is looking out for the compressed air engineering talent of tomorrow, by nurturing pupils to engage with practical mathematics and science alongside creative problem solving and literacy.

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