Is your compressor ready for Winter?

With last year’s ‘beast from the east’ the UK was once again reminded of the variation in temperatures and weather conditions we are susceptible to.

We can’t control the weather, however if you have a compressor in a remote, unheated location - or worse still, outside of your building - there are some steps you need to take to ensure a trouble free winter air supply.

Preparing your compressor for the Winter season

While you can always take advantage of our 24/7 call out service, it’s more cost effective – and less stressful – to prepare your system in advance. Time spent checking potential issues could save you trouble later, and if you want some expert advice, contact the Cambs Compressor team and we’ll be happy to schedule in a winter service and check up. The service will cover all of your compressed air and associated equipment.

How low temperatures affect your system (and how to protect your system this winter)

One of your compressors biggest enemies is moisture. Check the compressor for moisture and ice build-up daily before you power up the system. Frozen water expands and could crack tubes and valves, but monitor your oil as well. Cold oil thickens and can’t lubricate mechanical processes like it should, causing more extensive wear.

Problems start when the temperature falls below 5C

Inspect your drains and filters, clear them of any obstructions. The main job of a condensate drain is to release the unwanted water out of specific equipment, whether air compressor, air receiver, dryer and or filter. The challenge is that not all compressors have them or if they are installed, they are often located out of sight.

Cold oil thickens

Check your fluid levels often to ensure that your compressor has enough oil to function properly. Keep in mind that the system may burn through more oil as it heats up at the beginning of the work day and that you may need to top the oil off more frequently than usual.

Can you install an ambient heater?

If you want to ensure your facility continues to function as it should during the winter, it’s vital to protect your industrial air compressor from extreme seasonal temperatures. You can use an ambient heater, to ensure the temperatures just above the minimum to safeguard the compressor from wear on the motor and lower the possibility of system failure.

You might not have as many issues if you run your system around the clock, versus operating it only on weekdays, which could lead to problems on Monday morning if the temperature drops over the weekend and the system isn’t running to create it’s own heat.

Call Cambs for a professionals guide to ‘Preparing your compressor for Winter’

If you’re running compressed air equipment when the ambient temperature drops near or below freezing, you should be carrying out these simple checks to make sure your production is protected to avoid expensive and unnecessary repair bills. If you have any concerns, it is probably more cost effective and less risky, to have a professional engineer carry out your winter maintenance review and provide you with a quick checklist and show you what you can do to mitigate the impact low temperatures have on your system.


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