Electronics manufacturer lost faith in incumbent Compressed Air supplier

The company, which had been a client of Cambs Compressors for more than a decade before, had to reluctantly change suppliers as a result of being acquired. However, their new supplier had consistently failed to meet the service levels previously experienced. This naturally was a frustration but hadn’t yet impacted on operations.

A breakdown was the final straw and Cambs Compressors were called

The major issue was their incumbent compressed air supplier’s reactions were too slow. The manager responsible for production had real concerns about their ability to continue manufacturing when an electric motor failed. The incumbent compressed engineers had left site failing to get the air supply working. In desperation, the manager called Cambs Compressors, and although not under any contractual obligations, an engineer was immediately dispatched.

The Cambs Compressors Engineer got the air supply back up and running

Having run a diagnostics program to confirm the issues, and confirm the sourcing of the replacement part would be days at the earliest - the engineer set about providing a temporary solution. During the trouble shooting visit the engineer set about providing a temporary solution. He had identified and re-commissioned another old existing compressor - which was on-site but not in use. Once up and running, it provided a short-term solution and the vital breathing space needed to implement a more robust and permanent solution.

Within 3 days a new 75kw compressor was installed and commissioned

The installation of the new compressor coincided with the electronics manufacturer receiving the incumbents quote for the replacement of the electric motor. This underlines the Cambs Compressor philosophy of every second counts and the resulting strategic approach to develop strong partnerships with British suppliers and distributors. It means when a failure does occur a replacement part or even compressor can be sourced in the minimum time - and any operations can be back up and running as soon as humanly possible.


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