Authorised distributor of nano-purification solutions

Cambs Compressors is an authorised distributor of nano-purification solutions technology.

nano-purification solutions

Nano-purification solutions designs and manufactures industrial compressed air and gas treatment products. The company offers ultra-high purity compressed air desiccant dryers, compressed air dryer modules, CO2 adsorption dryers, nitrogen generators, and breathing air purifiers.

  • Industrial grade air line filters.
  • General purpose, oil removal, vapour and mist elimination air line filters.
  • Condensate management solutions, oil water separators.
  • Desiccant air dryers, modular and compact desiccant air dryers.
  • Desiccant air dryers sized from 3-177 CFM.

Advanced air and gas treatment technology

With advanced air and gas treatment technology and more than 100 years of experience, nano-purification solutions is the perfect addition to your line of air and gas treatment solutions. Working as distributors of nano-purification solutions means that we can provide unique solutions for our customers, using only the highest quality products backed by our world-class customer service.

nano-purification solutions applications

Nano-purification solutions products are used in various applications, including air tools, sand blasting, pneumatic control systems, instrument air, paint spraying, powder coating, food processing, dairy/milk production, laboratories, printing, packaging machines, pneumatic transport of hygroscopic material, breweries, chemical and pharmaceutical industries, power generation, the electronics industry, and more.


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