Innovative manufacturer seeking creative thinking compressed air company

When TTP were looking for a compressed air company to work with, they needed a partner who could share their vision. They were recommended to Cambs Compressors and it has been a relationship which has grown from strength to strength.

Inventors, collaboration and compressed air

TTP is an independent technology company where scientists and engineers collaborate to invent, design and develop new products and technologies. When they looked at the packaging industry they set about re-defining digital print for metal packaging.

Introducing Tonejet - a powerful digital print technology

Tonejet’s unique nozzle-less print heads are able to achieve exceptional reliability and produce a super thin sub-micron print layer thickness, resulting in high productivity and industry low printed ink costs. This is delivered via a groundbreaking electrostatic drop-on-demand print head, which can produce cost-effective, high-quality images at high speeds.

Automation, speed and compressed air

Compressed air is part of the process to deliver the industrial digital printing systems. The compressed air solution is designed specifically to meet the needs of Tonejet and is an integral part of the evolutionary packaging solution. TTP’s strategy for Tonejet is to lead the way in industrial digital printing solutions. The packaging industry, demands reliability, performance and quality. Which is why Cambs Compressors work in close cooperation with Tonejet to deliver their cost effective digital printing systems.


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