Leading compressed air service levels drive growth in facilities management partnerships

The world of facilities management is changing fast and as the need to integrate the service provision of several specialist trades - especially for buildings located in Cambridge Science Park has resulted in a growing number of partnerships between facilities management companies and Cambs Compressors.

A reputation for rapid response and providing solutions

The quality of our engineers and the speed of response is the reason facilities management companies has been such a growth area for Cambs Compressors. In an ideal world, the compressed air system would not fail and preventative maintenance would ensure a proactive approach to this. However, when there are failures in the system - Cambs Compressors have developed a reputation for ‘fixing first time’ and responding in the shortest time.

Facilities management companies want to design out emergency repairs

Through this engagement with facilities management companies, we have now worked on projects which range from new build and refurbs - where the whole compressed air solution has been purpose designed by us – installed, commissioned and maintenance programmes initiated, through to taking over an existing system, providing proactive maintenance and designing out risk wherever possible.

Are you a facilities management company looking for a trusted partner?

Cambs Compressors has an unrivalled reputation for offering complete compressed air solutions and service at highly competitive rates, backed up by a first class call-out response service.


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