Double compressed air capacity using less space

When a leading optics company, who specialised in grinding lenses needed more production capacity, getting a more powerful compressor wasn’t as easy as you’d think.

Space is always at a premium in manufacturing

The business needs were driven by an expanding order book, more demanding customers and shrinking turnaround times. With the production capacity increased through the purchase of more efficient equipment, one aspect had been overlooked. The compressed air supply to power the increased capacity could only be housed in the existing plant room. Space was already tight and Cambs Compressors were given the challenge of upgrading the whole system.

Redesigning the plant room was the answer

Starting from a blank sheet, the engineering design team at Cambs thought how they would configure the plant room to deliver the additional air supply required. With the benefits of redesigning the ventilation and specifying a new more energy efficient compressed air generator, the solution was agreed.

Installation of a re-configured plant room in a live production environment

One of the strengths of Cambs Compressors is the portfolio of back-up compressors. With a little innovation and creativity, the air supply was redirected to a temporary rig and production was maintained. This enabled the Cambs Compressors installation team to completely gut the existing plant room.

New generator, reconfigured plant room, no unscheduled downtime

The completely reconfigured plant room with new distribution solution, improved ventilation and an energy efficiency compressor delivered double the compressed air of what had been there before. What’s more, the redesign had provided the plant room with more expansion space for the future.


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