Manufacturer for luxury brands needed emergency air compressor after installation letdown

Compressed air is not most business owners primary concern

As an expanding company, EDS focus is on winning the new business, fulfilling the orders and keeping customers happy. Supplying luxury automotive car manufacturers with bespoke leather quilting and embroidery, their order book was growing. As a result they were moving premises, purchasing new equipment and needed a compressed air company to help select and install the right solution.

How to choose the right compressed air supplier

As a small company, the compressed air solution required by EDS to drive their equipment wasn’t really an issue. An off-the-shelf compressor and simple pipework had been sufficient for a number of years. However, with production demands increasing and the business expansion set to see the company grow by 500%, the compressed air solution now needed to power several pieces of equipment, the brief was sent to several possible suppliers.

How do you know what a good compressed air supplier looks like?

With some failing to respond, and only a couple of suppliers in the running, the order was placed. The company had sent through a costed proposal, it was a little under their alternative compressed air suppliers price and seemed to deliver everything on their wish list. Installation began and all seemed to be going well until the compressor started up. Situated directly below the offices which were located on a mezzanine floor above, the compressor made so much noise it was difficult to hear anything else.

A hostile response, followed by a removal of equipment

The supplier of the noisy compressor was very confrontational and only when the noise levels were measured, did they agree the product wasn’t fit for purpose within the specific EDS manufacturing environment. With another supplier in the running unable to react quickly, Cambs Compressors were recommended. Within 24 hours a loan compressor was installed and production wasn’t impacted.

A good supplier makes sure that you understand what is needed and why

“Cambs Compressors were just fantastic, they really saved the day. They were quick to install a temporary compressor to keep planned production on schedule. But what was most comforting was they were absolutely diligent in ensuring I fully understood the options put forward.

“I never felt pressured into making a decision, and they were able to make the calculations based on our current requirements and future plans. I was distraught and felt totally let down with the first compressed air company but now feel I have a supplier who can provide me with the support and advice to grow my business.”

Catherine Johnson
EDS Managing Director


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