Cambs Compressors ‘on the ball’ in the community

Milton Football Club are one of only a dozen clubs in Cambridgeshire recognised by the FA as a ‘Community Charter Club’- and our sponsorship ensures our business is putting back into the local community.

Proud sponsors of Milton FC

Community Clubs, the pinnacle of the club development pathway, are those that have a high quality, multi-team set up with excellent, social, training and playing opportunities for all. Milton Football Club exemplifies this with over 350 registered players across all levels and a small army of volunteer helpers. Boasting eight teams

  • Milton Rangers FC (children aged 6 years and under)
  • Milton Colts FC (children aged 7-17 years)
  • Milton Ladies FC and…
  • Five Men’s teams currently!

How Cambs Compressors sponsorship helps

The sponsorship is needed to sustain the club, including everything from their monthly utility bills – electricity and water costs. This includes floodlights, building lights, heating and the four changing rooms and showers. It also helps fund its future growth and progress.

On average, most weekends in the season, Milton FC have a footfall of 200-300 which is a mix of players, officials and spectators at their home ground ‘The Sycamores’ - so we are supporting a great cause as well as getting the name of Cambs Compressor Services out into the local community.


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