Neon Lights, Camera, Action

When a business who started life as a film, television and music industry, specialising in the creation of sets and set-pieces for the likes of the BBC, ITV and Sony Entertainment needed a new compressor - who did they call?

Manufacturers of bespoke neon lights

With a rich history of working with the arts, artists and galleries, the business expanded and ventured into the production of bespoke neon lighting. With applications as diverse as art, architectural feature lighting and retail, the creative turnkey solutions have resulted in a first class reputation.

“Whenever I get asked about compressed air, I say it touches almost every aspect of our lives, so when a company specialising in neon lights asked us to provide them with a solution for their manufacturing workshop, it wasn’t the surprise you might have thought.”

Mark Fryer, Managing Director Cambs Compressors

Compressed air manufacturing solution

Neon lights have been beacons of industry and modernity since they were introduced, en masse, in the early 20th century. One hundred years later, though, their method of production can still be painstakingly artisanal. However, like many manufacturing processes, it is reliant upon compressed air.


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