Compressed Air in Food Manufacturing

Cambs Compressors were approached to provide a compressed air solution for an international engineering company who designs, manufactures and installs high quality food production lines.

Serving all food sectors and a global customer base

The award-winning engineering company designs and manufactures food processing and packaging solutions. Their client base sectors include meat, poultry, fish, bakery, dairy, fruit and veg, ready meals and pet food. The company continually provides its broad range of customers with the advanced equipment needed to ensure their products are kept fresh and whole throughout the process.

Growth of 25% year-on-year serving global food producers

Their solutions improve their customer’s production efficiency, yield, and product quality. This has allowed the company to become experts in the integration of tried and tested systems that fit food manufacturers’ operational needs.  The quality of manufacturing and production process has in turn, resulted in an increasing customer base, expanding market share and 25% year-on-year growth.

Repair or Replace - Ingersoll Rand compressor breakdown?

The original call-out was to respond to a compressor breakdown. The main manufacturing facility was serviced by an Ingersoll Rand compressor which had failed. Upon investigation a gate drive failure was the diagnosis. But with replacement parts totalling over £6,000 and no guarantee it would provide a long-term solution - because of the age of the compressor - a new compressor was costed up. The key driver would be the time required to source a suitable replacement.

New compressor sourced and installed in 24 hours

The new more powerful compressor provided a more reliable alternative. Plus, the new compressor was more energy efficient, immediately available and provided an increase in performance for the manufacturing facility. Covered by a manufacturer’s warranty, it provides a more cost effective solution and was commissioned in the same time it would have taken the spare inverter drive to arrive.


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