Moisture content controller for compressed air

Cambs Compressors have developed a cutting edge controller which shuts down the air supply if the moisture level exceeds the specified level. The system is small enough to be incorporated within a product design and is used by several OEM’s across the world.

Removing condensate from compressed air

Moisture is in the air in most environments and will end up in your compressed air system if you do not have preventative measures. This moisture must be removed for air to be dry enough for the system to work properly. Condensate forms inside air when the temperature of the air is cooled to below the dew point. Air traps are used to remove condensate from the air piping but in some applications the air remains charged with moisture.

Equipment to measure, control dry air quality and protect

DAC’s ensures your system has ’super dry air’ and if not it has the ability to control, even shut down the compressed air system if levels are exceeded. DAC’s is a core technology developed by Cambs Compressors to resolve issues with moisture, bacteria and other contaminates. It’s applications have been diverse and include making cement and adhesives, bio, medical and pharma applications as well as hi-tech electronics manufacture.


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