DipCAM Qualification for Cambs Compressors Craig Turner!

Cambs Compressors Service Manager Craig Turner passed the BCAS Diploma in Compressed Air Management with flying colours.

BCAS Diploma in Compressed Air Management

The qualification has been developed and produced to meet the needs of those who design or maintain compressed air systems, plus anyone in the sales process. It aims to provide a comprehensive technical grounding in the principles of the operation of compressed air systems.

“The qualification is a great way for us to ensure our customers know we are providing them the highest levels of support from concept to installation and on-going maintenance. It also provides the perfect vehicle to demonstrate our commitment to our people in their personal development and career enhancement.”

Mark Fryer
Managing Director, Cambs Compressor Engineering Ltd

A deep and knowledgeable understanding of compressed air systems

The BCAS Diploma in Compressed Air Management (DipCAM) is a distance learning qualification developed and awarded by the British Compressed Air Society. In achieving the qualification, Cambs Compressors Craig Turner has demonstrated a deep and knowledgeable understanding of the principles of the operation of compressed air systems. This includes everything from understanding of the interrelation of components within a compressed air system; installation and maintenance; the selection of compressed air system equipment available and an awareness of the requirements of key relevant UK and EU legislation.

“I found the course a great way to structure my knowledge and although I’ve been operating within the compressed air industry 6 years, it’s always beneficial to get formal recognition of your skills and ability. Taking the DipCAM course provided me with a great platform to see the day-to-day job from a very different perspective and I have learnt a lot from the experience which will help my role within Cambs Compressors. Our focus is, and always has been, to identify the best solution for the customer - now I have independant industry acknowledgement that I am qualified to do this.”

Craig Turner
Service Manager, Cambs Compressor Engineering Ltd

Cambs Compressor Engineering Ltd (Cambs Compressors) are a British Compressed Air Society member and a leading provider of compressed air systems, equipment and services used by all sectors of industry.


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