Cambs biggest compressor for Tile Adhesive manufacturer

The 132kw direct drive variable speed compressor was supplied by Avelair to meet the needs of the expanding business. It’s the biggest ever supplied and installed by Cambs Compressors Engineering and a custom build to meet the very specific needs of the adhesive manufacturer.

Energy efficiency and environmental concerns driving compressor specification

The manufacturer of high performance flooring and tiling products needed a compressed air solution to meet their growing production demands. They also wanted to ensure the compressor would be as energy efficient as possible, to fit in with it’s environmental policies.

Challenges of high quality compressed air in a dusty environment

The manufacture of tiling adhesive, grout and a plethora of other dry powder products meant that the filtration solution applied to the new compressed air solution was a key concern. The manufacturing process depended upon the compressor operating efficiently and all considerations to minimise downtime needed to be designed into the solution.

Decommissioning and commissioning in a live manufacturing environment

Cambs Compressors have a bank of spare compressors to enable customers to get back up and running in the event of a breakdown or when commissioning a new system. Using their fleet of auxiliary compressors ensures downtime needed to fix a breakdown or switch over to a new solution is minimised, thus ensuring that the customer’s business experiences the least possible impact from the Cambs engineering team.

Successful compressed air installation

The new compressed air solution has enabled the manufacturing capacity room to grow and the installation was executed to the timescales and budget set without impacting on production.


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