Pharmaceutical Grade Compressed Air

When a leading NHS Foundation Trust was investing in a new sterilisation unit, their facilities management company knew to call Cambs Compressors for a tailored technical solution.

What does Pharmaceutical Grade Compressed Air mean?

Airborne microorganisms and contaminants naturally present in the ambient air become concentrated by the normal functions of a compressor. This is because an air compressor produces an environment of moisture, heat, and oil which allows many organisms to thrive. These microscopic entities might be entirely harmless, or they may be life threatening if certain conditions are present. It is impossible to know what organisms are present inside a compressed air system, and this is why it’s critical to implement air quality control processes that protect both the processor and the customer.

Compressed Air for New NHS Trust Pharmaceutical Sterilisation Unit

Compressed air is needed for use across a number of production and packaging applications, including blowing off and drying bottles prior to filling, conveying pills, providing air for pneumatically controlled valves and cylinders, as well as breathing air systems. Cambs Compressors were able to liaise directly with the client to ensure the design and installation was tailored to the hospitals Pharmacy sterilisation processes.

New Pharmaceutical Grade Compressed Air System

To design a new facilities compressed air solution is always rewarding. It’s also really satisfying for the team to commission the system and achieve the desired quality measures for a technically challenging project. The BOGE oil free scroll compressor and pipework installation had to be coordinated to fit in with larger building works project. Although an additional challenge, the cleanroom environment with pharmaceutical grade compressed air was completed on budget and to the deadlines set.

Do you need Pharmaceutical Grade Compressed Air?

If you are not sure what type of filtration or dryer you need, consult one of our compressed air specialists. They can discuss your application with you and help you to select the right combination of components to meet your air quality needs for your ambient conditions.


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