Compressed air, robots and prize winning potatoes

Uncle David’s Potatoes have the enviable reputation for being the 'The Rolls Royce of potatoes' - Cambs Compressors help ensure the quality of these ultimate chipping potatoes leave the farm in perfect condition.

Uncle David’s Potatoes from Fenland Farmers

This popular brand of chipping potatoes, is a favourite with caterers from chip shops to top restaurants. The potato is sold across the United Kingdom and Eire.

Compressed air helps grade, weigh, stitch and stack the prize crop

Uncle David’s Potatoes: Maris Piper, Agria, Sagitta and Markies are the very best when it comes to quality and size. They are the first choice for anyone wanting large frying potatoes. The dry matters and sugars are monitored for fry quality and most importantly, every potato is graded to a large size, meaning these potatoes are the very best when it comes to chipping. They hold equally well for roasting, with a wonderful flesh that roasts to a gorgeous golden colour.

Supporting UK growers has never been so important

England’s green and pleasant land does grow splendid potatoes especially in the black fens around Ely, but there's a whole supply chain in between the field and your plate - and compressed air and Cambs Compressors play their part in getting this product to market.

Eat potatoes to stay healthy. Potatoes are much lower in sugar than sweet potatoes and have similar fibre content if you keep the skins on.  Potatoes contain beneficial resistant starch.

Why Cambs Compressors?

“Cambs Compressors have provided the compressed air solutions for my potato processing for too many years than I care to remember. The reason is simple; I don't think I could possibly get a better, more responsive service anywhere else. The equipment reliability and support I’ve experienced, over what’s got to be more than 15 years, has been first class.

As a grower, the needs of my customers depend upon getting the potatoes graded, weighed and bagged before they can be distributed. The compressed air system driven by a BOGE compressor ensures this critical part of getting our crop to the customer runs like clockwork. If I have a breakdown, I can't afford to wait. Fortunately with the proactive maintenance this is a rare occurrence. However, whenever something needs attention I've had a great response from Cambs Compressors. They are so friendly, nothing is too much trouble. But what I really like is I'm just as likely to speak with Mark, the Managing Director, as the engineer on call. Even though they've grown, they still make you feel like their most valuable customer.”

David Palmer
AKA (Uncle David)
Fenland Farming, Stretham nr Ely Cambs

David Palmer kindly donated 3 sacks of potatoes for the Grantham to Edinburgh (G2E) charity cycle ride.


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