Compressed air in food processing

Most of the processing and production facilities within the different segments of the UK food industry have a wide range of applications for compressed air.

Compressed air is a key utility in food processing

There are tens of thousands of food processing plants operating across a segmented food industry - all using compressed air. Food processing and packaging industries rely on compressed air to provide power for production demands which vary greatly from industry type to seasonal variations. From simple ‘blow-off’ applications; air cleaning of containers prior to product filling; sorting, cutting, and shaping food products; which means compressed air must be purified of contaminants before use in the food industry.

Compressed air considerations for food industry applications

Compressed air in the food packaging and food processing industries in the UK must be contaminant-free to ensure the protection of the food products processed in each facility. Cambs Compressor Engineering work with their customers by understanding their needs and incorporating the “UK Code of Practice for Food Grade Air Compressed Air”.

#1 - Food Grade Compressed Air

Due consideration must also be given to the quality and cleanliness of air being generated through the compressor and ancillary equipment. Potential contaminants such as dust, pollens, hydrocarbons, oil, moisture and other impurities can come from ambient air, lubricants and other pollutants in the air reticulation system which can also cause costly damage to downstream equipment as well as product spoilage, so it is important that compressors output ‘Food Grade Air’.

As a BCAS member, Cambs Compressors are able to provide free help and advice on the ‘best practice’ and most ‘energy efficient’ solution for your specific industry and regulatory requirements - in relation to your compressed air needs.

#2 - Variable Air Supply Demands

The selection of the right air compressor and system to match such needs is critical, not only for maximum productivity but to minimise the impact of rising energy costs. Within such a diverse range of production demands and multiple applications, it is highly beneficial both in delivering ample power to match each production phase whilst not wasting valuable energy when pauses or minimum outputs are required. New technologies across a wider and more sophisticated range of compressors mean your compressed air supply air can be easily programmed and controlled to exactly match production scheduling.

Cambs Compressors design team are experts in reconfiguring existing plant, extending incumbent systems or designing totally new compressed air solutions.

#3 - Servicing & Maintenance

Every operator has the opportunity to select a compressor that will match their application requirements immediately and into the future. However, specifying the right replacement compressor alone won’t maximise efficiency, cost saving and air quality unless the air delivery lines, couplings and ancillary equipment such as filters, dryers and receivers are also well maintained.

Cambs Compressors provide customised customer maintenance programs to ensure your industry standards and seasonal variations are factored in. To ensure continued trouble free cost efficiency of the air compressor and systems.

Free system survey to detect leaks and inefficiencies

Cambs Compressors have a wealth of experience across the diverse needs and applications of compressed air in food processing industries. To help you maximise your processing and production needs Cambs Compressors conduct a complimentary system survey to detect leaks and any inefficiencies. This includes a full diagnostics outlining and required fixes to gain maximum performance and energy cost savings. Whether you’re looking at optimising or reconfiguring your existing system, or a brand new installation, give us a call on 0800 0029601.


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