Are variable speed compressors a greener compressed air source?

With more and more companies insisting on solid environmental credentials like ISO 14001 Environmental Management, it's driving manufacturers to seek out more energy efficient compressed air solutions for their production process.

Are variable speed air compressors the most eco-friendly sources of pressurised air?

A variable speed air compressor has a unique set of components that regulates the operating speed and helps users save energy. The key to the variable speed compressor is its special drive feature, which allows users to control the speed of airflow according to the needs of a project. The advantages of the variable speed design benefits users in several areas, including the following:

Constant pressure: Variable speed air compressors deliver constant pressure, as programmed by the user. When an application demands air pressure at an exact volume and consistency, the variable speed compressor will deliver this pressure without sputtering or wavering.

Protection from power surges: A variable speed compressor will produce pressurised air at the exact rates and speeds that you specify in the settings. As such, you never have to worry about the compressor delivering a random pressure jolt and drawing excess power from an outlet.

Reduced energy consumption: One of the greatest advantages of variable speed compressors is the reduced energy consumption that accompanies such models. If you install a variable speed air compressor at your facility, you could easily see your energy bills go down each month.

Energy accounts for 75% of the lifetime cost of a compressed air system

Compressed air systems are one of the most common and energy intensive utilities in industry, representing up to 10% of the industrial energy needs. It's not just good for the planet if we make the compressed air systems more energy efficient - it has potential to dramatically reduce energy bills.

How to reduce energy costs associated with compressed air systems

Compressed air is a vital resource in your production process. There is world-wide demand for more efficient products to reduce energy and resource consumption. A sobering fact is that up to 30% of the energy used during the lifetime cost of a compressed air system is wasted. Which is why Cambs Compressors focus on pinpointing the areas where potential savings can be made in your plant.

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