6 Steps to reducing your compressed air energy costs

The first step to reduce compressed air energy costs is to measure and monitor your compressed air system's energy consumption, flow rates and operating air pressure. Small adjustments can reduce your operating pressure and energy costs while improving flow rates and output. Here are 6 steps you can take to optimise your compressed air system and save energy costs.


1 - Pressure Mapping

Pressure mapping will evaluate the efficiency of the compressed air distribution system. Any pressure drops across the system can be identified as well as possible modifications required to achieve a reduction in compressed air generation pressure. 1 barg reduction in generation pressure saves 7% power.

2 - Flow and Pressure Measurement

A flow and pressure measurement test accurately measures and logs the delivered flow of compressed air on any compressor make or type. The flow meter can be inserted into an existing point or the system can be “hot tapped”, without interrupting your production.

3 - Compressor Efficiency

Using data logging to non-intrusively measure consumed power will evaluate compressor efficiency. This is available for all types of compressors over a predetermined period, usually 7 days. The results give an accurate overview of the money you are spending annually on the production of compressed air.

4 - Leak Detection

Compressed air leakage is synonymous for evaporating money! Between 10 and 25% of leakage is typical in most systems. Our leak detection identifies, tags and quantifies these leaks throughout your compressed air system. To immediately start saving money, repairs can be performed during the audit.

5 - Air Quality Evaluation

This evaluates the type of air quality required for each production process and determines if the current air quality is suitable for the application.

6 - Health and Safety

Evaluate system compliance with pressure systems safety regulations and condensation discharge regulations. Using the logged information, a detailed report is compiled, including cost analysis, graphs and a list of recommendations for improving your system’s performance.

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