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Why implementing corporate social responsibility into the business strategy matters. Mark and Annthea Fryer explain why corporate social responsibility is integral to Cambs Compressors business strategy and its continuing growth trajectory.

Cambs Compressors is focused on people

Cambs Compressors success lies not only in its eloquently-designed offices but in its commitment to implementing corporate social responsibility (CSR) policies and recognising that such considerations are key to our growth and success. Why, because it's the people who matter most in a business, our people, the customers we look after and the communities we operate in.

"CSR delivers value for the entire community and creates a strengthening bond between team members, fostering a collaborative working environment and increasing productivity. A collaborative culture that engages with the community is positive to the health of any business."

Annthea Fryer
Customer Support, Cambs Compressors

It's the people who care, connect and communicate

There are lots of bigger companies out there, and as a smaller player we don't have their buying power, resources or facilities. What we do have is a genuine passion for what we do. Which is why we are happy to work across the community with projects like Primary Engineer, the Eagles electric KIT car/sustainability project, and sponsor Community Charter Club Milton Football Club. This gives our staff the chance to engage and give the wider community exposure to who we are as people.

Raising funds for charities

Getting involved in local charities, raising monies for great causes gives us a chance to pay back, contribute and is a great way to engage everyone the business away from work. It is widely recognised that while a business can leave its footprint on its environment, it is even more important to consider how best to manage this impact. Being good at business means doing good as a business.

Investing in staff development

The principles of investing in staff development, supporting charities and committing to being environmentally friendly in the day to day operations and management of a business, is key to our growth strategy. We endeavour to implement principles of sustainability throughout the entire supply chain and inspire staff of all levels to engage with causes which are of personal significance.

Long term gains

"It is important to remember that taking accountability for the environment and the community have much larger and positive consequences in the long term."

Mark Fryer
Cambs Compressors Managing Director


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