Compressed air, Brexit and supply chain management

As Brexit is pushed to January 31st 2020, businesses continue to consider the impact and prepare as best they can. But what impact does Brexit have if your compressor needs a new part or you need a new compressor?

Brexit proofing supply chain

On a recent trip to Amsterdam to install and commission a diagnostic solution for a major client, it occurred to Cambs Compressors that Brexit proofing their supply chain would be a sensible precaution. The Amsterdam project was to set-up a European based distribution hub to reassure their customers in Europe that they will continue to receive direct and easy access to products and services.

Cambs Compressors Brexit Plan

Like most businesses Cambs Compressors is dependent upon a mix of suppliers, both British and European. During a service visit to a client near Amsterdam earlier in the year, Annthea and Mark directors of the business considered the possible implications and the best case/worse case scenarios for Cambs Compressors customers - and the following information is the result of this thinking.

What if our overseas manufacturers could no longer ship overnight?

With the supply chain optimisation, everyone has become blasé about ordering from an overseas supplier and acceptant that the part can be shipped overnight within 48 hours in most cases. So Cambs Compressors undertook an exercise to establish what our overseas manufacturers were doing to mitigate the uncertainty over Brexit and the disruption to their supply chains.


Our Manufacturers and Suppliers listed in alphabetical order

Avelair Compressed Air & Gas Solutions

Avelair are a British designer, manufacturer and service provider of energy efficient air and gas compressors and compressed air treatment equipment. Avelair design and manufacture an extensive range of energy efficient oil lubricated, oil free fixed and variable speed rotary screw air and gas compressors.

Bambi Air Compressors Ltd

Bambi VT air compressors are high performance and precision made systems, designed for medical, dental, laboratory and OEM applications. Established in 1977, Bambi Air Compressors Ltd is based in Birmingham, UK. They do not envisage any issues with their supply chain as a result of Brexit.

BEKO Technologies

BEKO Technologies develops, manufactures and distributes products for the treatment of compressed air. Established in Düsseldorf in 1982, BEKO Technologies has more than 500 employees worldwide, four manufacturing plants in Germany, India, China and the USA. BEKO Technologies facility based in Redditch, Worcestershire, have increased their stock profiles as a contingency to possible delays.

BOGE Compressors Ltd

BOGE Kompressoren has been a manufacturer of industrial compressors and compressed air systems in Germany for more than 100 years. As a contingency to possible delays in getting parts BOGE have increased their stock profiles at their UK facility in Huddersfield and Bargoed, Mid Glamorgan.

CompAir Hydrovane Compressed Air Solutions

A leading global manufacturer of highly engineered compressors, blowers and pumps and now a major part of Gardner Denver Industrials Group, part of Gardner Denver, Inc., is headquartered in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA.  As a contingency to possible delays in getting parts CompAir Hydrovane have increased their stock profiles at their UK facility in Redditch, Worcestershire.

ERP Air Compressors

ERP is based in Hull and has been established since 1977. ERP produces a vast range of quality air compressors, paint spraying equipment, pneumatic tools and air equipment. Offering almost a thousand product lines, ERP’s comprehensive range should not be impacted by any disruption caused by Brexit.

Nano-Purification Solutions

Nano-Purification Solutions is a world-class manufacturer of state-of-the-art compressed air and gas solutions to the industry. Based in Charlotte, North Carolina, USA, Nano-Purification Solutions have increased their stock profiles at their UK facility based in Gateshead.

Walker Filtration

Established in 1983 in the North East England, Walker Filtration has remained at the forefront of technology with a comprehensive range of high quality compressed air and gas filtration and drying solutions. Walker Filtration has grown to establish divisions in the Americas, Asia and Australasia, manufacturing over 2.2 million parts and delivering 10,000 unique products to 100+ countries but should not be impacted by any disruption caused by Brexit.


Cambs Compressors Brexit Plan

In addition to the actions of the various supplier’s activities to mitigate risk of shortages and delays of spares and goods, Cambs Compressors have also taken steps to increase stock profiles of common parts, especially those from overseas.


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