Apprentice Jordan Baker learning new skills

Maintenance & Operations Engineering Technician is fitting in well with the team at Cambs Compressors. Working with Andy Longland, Jordan is gaining real hands on experience.

Apprenticeships in engineering is challenging but very rewarding

When Jordan first applied for the Level 3 Apprenticeship, like most school leavers he had little idea of what the job really entailed. However fast approaching his first year, Jordan is thriving in both his course work and on the job application of the skills he’s attained.

"I'm really enjoying my experience at Cambs Compressors and I get lots of opportunities to learn new things. College days are good but I prefer my days in the field, it helps me make sense of the class based learning. Working at Cambs Compressors has helped me develop my skills and knowledge in more ways than I could of imagined. I look forward to growing my skills and responsibilities further with the business in the coming months and years."

Jordan Baker
Maintenance & Operations Engineering Technician

Every day is different

An apprenticeship is a great way to develop your skills and working with Cambs Compressors means every day is different. With clients as diverse as Life Sciences to Agriculture, the range of businesses and installations means no two days are ever the same.

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