Marlor Tooling choose Cambs Compressors

When Marlor Tooling were told they needed to spend £24k on a new compressor they sought a second opinion.

Marlor Tooling is an industry leader in solid carbide cutting tool design and manufacture.

Specialising in tool manufacture and remanufacture as well as engineering innovative tooling solutions. As a result Marlor Tooling rely heavily on their compressed air system within their manufacturing processes. They continually invest in the latest equipment, software and expertise to ensure they deliver the highest quality precision cutting tools for their diverse engineering clients.

Over 10 years with incumbent compressed air supplier

The incumbent supplier had provided and looked after the compressors pipework air tools for over 10 years, so it was a reluctant move to get a second opinion. Martyn Cross, Marlor Tooling Works Director, felt the potential expense and disruption of a new compressor installation warranted the double check. He made the call to Cambs Compressors and they booked in the Free Compressed Air Audit.

Free Compressed Air Audit from Cambs Compressors

Taking up the Free Compressed Air Audit offered by Cambs Compressors highlighted how they could reconfigure their system to make it more efficient, compliant and avoid the need for a new compressor. The audit involved testing compressed air plant, pipework and the air supply to equipment and tools being used.

Savings were much greater than the cost of a new compressor

"The Cambs Compressors engineers were very thorough and professional in their approach. The survey of our compressed air system included leak detection and a compliance review. Their conclusion was delivered in a detailed report and this outlined the areas we needed to address in order of priority. But the conclusion was that the compressors we had were capable of delivering the air supply required. The savings were much greater than the cost of a new compressor and installation. The service from Cambs Compressors has been first class and as a result of their recommendations we were able to reconfigure the system. This included pipework, leak correction and some new tools to ensure we were compliant, energy efficient and got the best from the existing infrastructure.”

Martyn Cross
Marlor Tooling Works Director

Would you like a Free Compressed Air Audit from Cambs Compressors?

Cambs Compressors specialise in multiple types of air compression technologies, and are highly skilled in selecting the proper equipment design and layout for your operation. Our trained team of experts can walk you through each step of the process – and it starts with our free audit, all you need to do is call 0800 0029601.


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