Energy conservation techniques in compressed air systems

BCAS have produced a great guide to energy conservation when using compressed air in their white paper: Reducing Energy Consumption from Compressed Air Usage.

A systemic approach to energy conservation in compressed air systems

If you are planning to purchase equipment to save energy, this BCAS white paper ensures you compare alternatives based upon 'a whole life cost' and not just the initial outlay. The temptation is to buy lower cost solutions which on the surface appear to deliver the same performance. However, the lower purchase price typically reflects that the equipment is less efficient and you will be locked into higher running costs for the long term.

Efficiency can be designed into your new compressed air system

Proper design and installation are essential for minimising energy costs. The BCAS white paper explains how to save energy in a typical compressed air system. It is not intended as a detailed guide, but rather aims to highlight areas where waste occurs and how to minimise it.

Waste can be designed out of your existing compressed air system

If you're the person responsible for the performance of an existing compressed air system and want to make it more reliable, productive and energy efficient without the need for capital investment; then this BCAS white paper is a useful starting point.

Download BCAS Reducing Energy Consumption from Compressed Air Usage Guide


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