The Curse of the Engineer

The ‘curse of the engineer’ and why problem solving is in our DNA at Cambs Compressors.

Compressed Air is everywhere!

You only need to read our newsletters and articles to get a feel for how diverse our client base is. Each industry sector has it's own needs and issues when using compressed air, which makes our work so interesting. Just imagine in the morning working alongside Spitfires and Lancaster bombers, then to a high tech bio-sciences lab in the afternoon.

The compressed air challenges we face are wide and varied

This is why problem-solving skills are the most valuable asset our people can have. Since forming Cambs Compressors there has always been an abundance of complex situations and problems to be solved. This is why we always surround ourselves with positive people, people who have the same DNA and come together to solve the challenges presented.


Cambs Compressors DNA is focus on the root cause, not the symptoms

It is very easy to get caught up in the symptoms of the problem, and most problems are incorrectly attempted by suppressing these symptoms. ‘The bucket gets filled with water and starts to overflow, so let me get a bigger bucket’ or in compressed air ‘High air usage brings the system down, let’s put more air in the system’.

The Curse of the Engineer or just the Cambs Compressors mindset?

Suppress the symptoms to give you some respite until the root cause is identified, but we do have engineers with ‘fix the symptom’ mindset. Because once you know the root cause, the problem can be solved and it can be prevented in future, too. So if you want a compressed air solution, Cambs Compressors are the team for you.


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