How do you size air lines?

Do you know the biggest mistakes made in figuring compressed air piping sizes?

Figuring the correct pipe size for your compressed air distribution system is an important task. Pipe that is sized too small can create big pressure losses and reduce operating efficiency. Replacing piping is costly.  On average, 70% of a contracted piping job goes for labour and 30% for materials.

Your air line distribution needs to be designed

If you are investing in an air compressor system, restricting the flow anywhere in your system could make it significantly underperform or cost you a lot more in energy costs to run that compressor over its lifetime. You need to consider appropriate sizing of all components of your air system and design in some future proofing with capacity, fitting selection, etc.

How do you calculate the pressure drop in any of your components?

As air travels from the compressor head to your tool it travels through components such as hoses, fittings, valves, and tanks. Each of these will restrict the flow of air in some way depending on the geometry of each component and the magnitude of the flow passing through it. Components such as filters will have pressure drop ratings at different flow rates. Sure components may have documentation and specifications but do you know how to match them to the system you are installing the components on? How do you make sure they are rated for the maximum pressure your compressor system is rated for and will not cause excessive pressure drop at the required flow rates?

It pays to get the professionals in to design and install your compressed air piping

Inadequate or poorly designed compressed air distribution systems can lead to low productivity, poor air tool performance and perhaps more importantly, high energy bills. In order for a compressed air system to operate properly and cost effectively, it should be carefully designed to meet the needs of your applications. Once designed, it should be professionally installed to get the maximum out of your investment, having a single company manage the design, supply and installation means you can rest assured the solution is totally supported and you are not caught holding the costs of an error somewhere.

System design and pipework installation

Cambs Compressors team of pipework engineers are experienced in designing and installing all types of compressed air systems, from entire new distribution mains to minor modifications, all in accordance with the British Compressed Air Society's latest best practice, health & safety guidelines and industrial standards.

Our vast experience enables us to recommend the best piping material to suit any particular site's needs, for all industries and applications.  Using up to date CAD software we can design both complex and simple air systems with schematic drawings and specifications as required.  All of our pipe fitting team are fully trained for the needs of this type of site work and will work to the most exacting of health & safety and quality requirements.


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