Eco-friendly with oil-free air compressors

Interested in becoming more eco-friendly? Oil-free industrial air compressors are both efficient and environmentally friendly because they consume less energy as they compress air and do not emit or produce any harmful or hazardous waste, making them incredibly green.

Buyers are measuring your sustainability and environmental impact

In a world where the procurement criteria is increasingly focused upon sustainability and environmental impact, demand for oil-free air compressors is increasing. Oil free compressors are cooled and lubricated by water injection, so they do not need to use oil. The simplicity and reliability of the equipment, combined with the reduced maintenance needs is making them more desirable. Oil-free air technology helps you to avoid expensive filter replacements, cuts the cost of oil condensate treatment and reduces energy loss from pressure drop in filters. Safeguarding the environment and complying better with international regulations.

You may be entitled to an incentive or grant to go green

Many companies may not know how much their compressor is truly costing them. It would be nice to get an energy efficiency upgrade to lower your monthly energy bill and save money. However, you may be hesitant to make the upfront investment to save. Luckily, there are rebates and incentives available for you to invest in an efficiency upgrade for a new, greener air compressor. Cambs Compressors can help you understand your true current running costs plus identify the greener options to help you become more eco-friendly.


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