Optimising your compressed air system

Compressed air is one of the most expensive utilities in an industrial plant. It is a fact that compressed air is a poor way to transmit energy to an industrial machine or tool if you want superior efficiency. However, compressed air will never disappear from industrial plants because it is a very useful utility.

Compressed air system costs vary widely

Controlling the expansion of the air, distributing it while minimising energy loss, storing potential energy, and compressing the air efficiently. The efficiency of compressed air systems is often ignored, as there often are more important issues, like keeping the pressure at a constant reliable level and maintaining adequate air quality so that production runs smoothly. Sometimes systems run at excellent efficiency; at other times, factors related to equipment characteristics, system design, flow characteristics, and maintenance levels can cause things to go very wrong.

Cambs Compressors Free Assessment

With compressed air, what you don’t know will hurt you! It is very common to see surprised looks on people’s faces when they discover how much it is costing to run their compressed air systems, and how little mechanical energy they receive for the expenditure. Cambs Compressors engineers can provide you with an expert assessment free, this will identify inefficient equipment, maintenance procedures, and doing low cost/no cost measures such as leak detection and repair to reduce system waste.


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