Engineering apprenticeships with Cambs Compressors

We have been out on the road looking for the next generation of problem solvers.

Looking for individuals who want to get paid while they learn

As Cambs Compressors expands and grows, we are constantly seeking people to join our team. The person we are looking for may or may not have achieved the best exams results, however they will have that inquisitive mind. We are looking for the ‘can do’ people with the right attitude to join our team.

If you have the right attitude - we can teach you the skills

Mark Fryer, Managing Director of Cambs Compressors knows what the right attitude looks like when he sees it.

"When I’m looking to add another employee to my team, I’m looking at their attitude, how they approach communication with me, what it is that moves them and how they work best. Do they value learning and skill development? I want to know if I can see them in Cambs Compressors for the long term. The benefit of identifying the right fit instead of just the skills or qualification is tremendous.”

Attitude is forever

If we share the same mindset as the people around us then we can achieve anything. What's more the person joining us has a success ladder just waiting for them to climb it. The right combination of attitude, culture fit, and skills are difficult to find in one person. So which one is the most important? Easy, attitude is forever.


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