New Buckminster premises with hi-speed internet

With the need for more video conferencing, video diagnostics and social distancing Cambs Compressors have invested in upgraded command centre facilities.

Command centre facilities evolve to support customers more efficiently

This facility was designed to support the distribution depot in St Ives with the administration support and become a back-up for call management. During lockdown and the need for minimal travelling it became clear that the call management needed to be located at the Stoke Rochford hub.  Here compressor servicing and compressor emergency breakdown support was coordinated.

Stoke Rochford hub for Cambs Compressors

The realisation of likely changes in the way the business would need to look, operate and functional space required set us on the path to up-scaling the technology, internet access speed and office space required. The new Buckminster facilities will support the future growth plans in addition to the changes in working practices required for working Covid Safe. The new facilities have super broadband connectivity and over three times the office space to enable social distancing even if we expand the workforce.


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