Emergency fix for European based distribution hub

When a compressor failed in a mirror image in a bonded warehouse in Amsterdam in lockdown, Cambs Compressors were on emergency speed dial.

British manufacturers of compressors, spares off the shelf and Eurotunnel

It was a Thursday afternoon during lockdown when a call came in that a clients’ compressor had failed and they needed our compressor emergency breakdown cover. Having skipped its scheduled compressor servicing and preventative maintenance activities because of lockdown, the compressor had developed issues months later. Very much still in lockdown, the challenges were ‘what do we need – and how can we possibly get it there?

Problem solving is in every engineers DNA, so by Friday evening a new compressor was on its way to the Netherlands. Fortunately Eurotunnel was still operational for commercial vehicles and the Cambs Compressors emergency response vehicle could make the necessary trip. With Mark and Annthea committed to resolving the issue, they shared the driving into the early hours of Saturday morning.

3.30am Saturday arrived on site for 9.00am emergency breakdown visit

Understanding this needed to be a one visit solution, the client had agreed to the purchase of a compressor to mirror the current set-up. Rather than waste time repairing the broken down compressor the new replacement was installed tested. As soon as this was up and running, the existing compressor was looked at, firstly to diagnose the fault and then to set-up as a failover compressor to ensure the clients exposure to a repeat was minimal.

Sunday job done and home!

With the servicing complete by Sunday, the reverse journey was made in time and Mark and Annthea were back in the Buckmister office answering calls Monday – very tired but delighted to have made such a successful trip.


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