Cancer Research UK repurposed drug tested in COVID-19 trial

Cancer Research UK know-how was utilised to explore drugs used in cancer treatment could play a part in the battle against coronavirus.

Heightened proactive compressed air maintenance strategy deployed

At the height of the pandemic here in the UK there were several specialist laboratories whose knowledge of drugs and clinical trials were called upon to support the national effort in the fight against coronavirus. Cancer Research UK and its partners launched clinical trials to test if drug used to treat cancer patients could possibly help people with COVID-19.

The laboratories compressed air supply became a critical factor in the race against time

The work being carried out was a race against time, and at the peak of the pandemic, almost half of UK COVID-19 patients requiring critical care did not survive. Scientists around the world agreed finding treatment options available for people affected by coronavirus was a race against time. Which was why repurposing already available drugs to treat COVID-19 was potentially a quicker way to save lives.

Cambs Compressors provided optimal support on lab compressors and compressed air systems

Cambs Compressors were asked to provide a heightened level of compressor servicing support as the work was around the clock. Any compressor emergency breakdown or failure in the compressed air systems could seriously impact on progress and their potential to save lives. In addition to extra compressor checks, more regular servicing, the proactive maintenance strategy incorporated a greater than usual stock of spare of filters, valves and oil. With more thorough daily and weekly checks carried out, plus increased frequency of service intervals than normally prescribed, the critical Cancer Research UK work continued without disruption. We hope our actions helped in some small way to the discovering of treatment options available for people affected by COVID-19.


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