Charles River Laboratories Fighting COVID-19

Cambs Compressors client Charles River are a company dedicated to improving the quality of people’s lives and responded rapidly and collaboratively to try to develop prophylactic and therapeutic agents to prevent and treat COVID-19 infections.

Hunt for new drugs to treat the deadly coronavirus

Three of Charles River ‘early discovery teams’ joined the hunt for new drugs to treat the deadly coronavirus. The three teams worked together combining their specific skills to help identify novel hit compounds that could form the basis for drug discovery programs targeting the coronavirus.

The silent power supporting laboratory compressor systems

It’s critical that laboratory compressed air system is efficient, silent, and trusted because the industries that use laboratory air compressors require clean and contaminant free compressed air. Which is why Cambs Compressors are proud to have so many high profile laboratories, like Charles River amongst its client list. The huge efforts of the scientists and research assistances certainly contributed to the saving of lives. We’re proud to support these super humans in their battle against the deadly COVID-19 virus by providing enhanced levels of support. Our laboratory compressed air solution design and system maintenance ensured they could keep up the good work. 


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