Testing ventilators a new challenge

How Cambs Compressors adapted existing compressed air systems to test ventilators.

Our part in the Covid-19 ventilator challenge

The Covid-19 ventilator challenge tested the ingenuity of to the limit of a whole host of people, including manufacturing business and academic organisations.  Jointly facing technical, logistical and regulatory hurdles, the unlikely collaborations stepped outside their respective comfort zones. Academics, engineers, product designers and inventors from industries as diverse as carmakers and aerospace all raced to build hundreds of thousands of ventilators.

The call out for compressed air systems expertise from people who understood the critical nature of air quality, pressure sensitivity and designing innovative solutions for unusual applications - could have been written for us. We were pleased to be able to contribute and provide adaptations to the existing compressed air systems to test the ventilators, and installed a back-up system to ensure nothing held up this vital work.

Craig Turner Service Manager, Cambs Compressors


Giants of industry worked together to meet the extraordinary challenge

General Motors, Airbus, McLaren and Dyson all contributed their engineering expertise, technical know-how and volume production line facilities. James Dyson designed and started manufacturing ventilators in under 10 days, with an order from the UK government for 10,000 ventilators to support the NHS to treat coronavirus patients. The achievement was an extraordinary example of what was possible if people, business and organisations get together for the common good.

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