Food production compressed air maintenance

COVID-19 has presented interesting opportunities and intense challenges for food production.

The need for a safe and continuous food supply

Even in the most uncertain times of recent months, one thing that remained a constant was our need for a safe and continuous food supply. As the food & beverage sector battled to combat new daily challenges the global coronavirus pandemic delivered. Whether it was the panic buying when lockdown began, supply chain shortages during, or spikes in Covid 19 infection within food processing plants. The food supply chain responded, with farmers finding new supply opportunities, factories switching capacity to key products, and supermarkets rationing items and increasing home deliveries, especially to those shielding.

Compressed air supporting food production and agriculture

Although many people realise there’s a huge support network within the food supply chain, few realise the critical role played by compressed air. Without compressed air systems many food production and agricultural processes would be seriously impaired. During this period a silent army of compressed air engineers kept these vital components within food production operational.

New guidelines on compressed air in food production during Covid 19

It’s vital that the purity of the air used within food processing and production is maintained throughout the manufacturing process to safeguard the food against contamination. To ensure the maintenance programmes have adapted to the new Covid 19 threat, the British Compressed Air Society (BCAS) in conjunction with the British Retail Consortium (BRC) produced new ‘best practice’ guidelines for use of compressed air in food and beverage. It outlines a strict maintenance program which must be implemented in food production, especially where direct and indirect contact air systems are used.


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