Air Compressor Troubleshooting

When your compressor fails, time is of the essence, which is why Cambs Compressors have developed video conferencing trouble shooting using WhatsApp.

WhatsApp provides quick visual interaction to identify issues

One of the benefits of having to adapt to lockdown conditions was the way people embraced technologies to enable them to carry on. Cambs Compressors were able to reduce call-outs to all but essential visits as the use of WhatsApp became the troubleshooting tool of choice. What's more, customers loved it as they were instantly engaged with an engineer looking at their issues, walking them through a diagnostic process and in many cases solving their issues without an engineer call-out.

Where resolution wasn't possible, a faster repair was possible

A great example of this was a medical research company had an issue with their compressor, having called Cambs Compressors they were then asked to switch the conversation to a WhatsApp video call. Within a couple of minutes the fault was diagnosed as a dryer issue and a replacement unit was on its way. The faulty unit was replaced with a hire unit and the customer was operational within 2 hours of the call. Back at the workshop the dryer unit was condemned and a new part ordered. Without the video conference to troubleshoot, the likelihood is that the compressor would have been out of action for at least a day.

Schedule a Compressor Service

You will always get the best out of your compressor by having it serviced regularly. However, this is even more important during the winter months, when unforeseen issues are more likely to occur.

To give your compressor the best protection, schedule a service with an experienced company. They will know all the elements to check and how to resolve any issues, to ensure your compressor keeps running smoothly throughout the winter.

Cambs Compressors Compressed Air Maintenance Solutions

  • 24 Hour Compressor Emergency Breakdown Call Out

Cambs Compressor Engineering Ltd work with you if you have an equipment or system failure at any time of the day or night, 365 days a year for emergency air compressor repairs.

  • Compressed Air Risk Assessments

Compressed air is essential to many process operations in commercial and institutional settings – however, the risks associated with compressed air must be professionally assessed. Compressed air risk assessments are essential for any workplace as compressed air can pose a threat of serious or even fatal consequences.

  • Energy Efficiency Audit & Leak Testing

A compressed air energy efficiency audit and leak testing service helps our customers understand where they have compressed air wastage. It's likely you're paying too much in electricity and potentially experiencing unnecessary maintenance and breakdown costs if this isn't regularly checked.

If you would like more advice about compressor maintenance, Cambs Compressors is always happy to help. Please contact our expert team for more information.


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