New fully fitted Cambs van

Cambs Compressors engineers’ vehicles will all be replaced with specialist van conversion to create more efficient storage and a mobile workspace.

Helping Cambs Compressors serve you better

The first new vehicle in the ongoing fleet renewal programme to have the professional internal conversion equipment went to Andy Longland. Having the professional conversion means the vehicle can help engineers store tools, components and spares more effectively in the available space. It also means the workspace is safer when travelling with even weight distribution.

The new van is great, it helps me organise my tools, equipment and spares more efficiently. It's like having a workshop and vehicle in one, which means I can quickly and easily see what I've got onboard. It makes more use of the available space and managing it more effectively.

Andy Longland, Cambs Compressor Engineer

Planned roll-out of new vehicles with professional fit-out

"During this past year we've had to really look at how we do things. The biggest change has obviously been working within the COVID-19 pandemic and all the changes that has brought. But in doing so, we have explored and embraced new technologies to give us more efficient working practices. Having the vehicles fitted-out was less high tech than many of the other changes we've made, but no less important in making us as efficient as we can possibly be."

Craig Turner DipCAM, Service Manager Cambs Compressors 


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