Cambs Compressors Covid update

As we enter the winter period with concerns over spikes in the disease and the glimmer of hope of new vaccines, Cambs Compressors are taking every precaution to keep everyone as safe as possible.

Keeping our people and our customers safe

Keeping our people safe and our customers supported during the coronavirus pandemic has been our priority. Working with food producers, medical research laboratories, manufacturers and many other critical supply chain organisations has deemed our services essential. Since the beginning of the COVID-19 outbreak, we have taken all possible steps to ensure the safety of our colleagues and customers.

Keeping calm and carrying on

Cambs Compressors continue to operate across two sites for resilience, and all staff who need to be on-site are adhering to the Government’s social distancing guidance. We have invested in additional office space and reduced the people in our St Ives depot. This means the teams can continue their work while social distancing. Any colleague who can work from home is doing so. Our head-office is staffed with only essential personnel so as to be able to supply critical components as required.

Following Government and Public Health England advice

At all stages, we have followed the advice of the Government and Public Health England (PHE). All decisions have been based on a clear risk assessment and have focused on minimising any risk by isolating our people from risk as far as we can. We continue to do our best to ensure that the coronavirus pandemic does not have a negative impact on the services we provide to our customers.

Video diagnostics option and engineers visits where necessary

We have service engineers operational and we are offering service support to companies that have key workers and / or critical site status. Detailed risk assessments have been completed, and we will continue to monitor, update and revise this guidance as the situation and government advice develops. Our commitment to maintaining a safe workplace and to meet the duty of care to our employees remains as important as ever.


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