The future's bright, the future’s green

With the mainstream introduction of electric vehicles Cambs Compressors have made the switch. 

Setting a greener, technology driven roadmap for the years ahead

Cambs Compressors have always been focused on energy usage, minimising waste and maximising efficiency on the compressed air systems we look after. In helping others lower their carbon footprint we've taken a wider view on what else we could do. As a result our business planning has seen us look at the advantages of lowering our carbon footprint and one milestone is the purchase our first electric vehicle - with plans to migrate the whole van fleet as they get renewed.

Greener technologies are impacting every aspect of our business

With a drive on working smarter, using technology to reduce miles, save time and increase customer service levels - 2021 is setting to be a milestone year at Cambs Compressors. The introduction of rapid remote video diagnostics, investment in our new ERP system and enhanced processes is already paying dividends. The feedback we've received during the challenges of the past 12 months is testimony to that.

Exploring opportunities to make compressed air solutions greener

Energy consumption has always been under the microscope of Cambs Compressors when looking at compressed air systems, but now the possibility to integrate greener energy solutions is a reality. With many industrial premises converting to harvesting solar power with battery banks to store the energy, off grid or partially off grid is becoming an option. We’ll keep you posted but there are exciting times ahead at Cambs Compressors. 

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