Compressed Air Maintenance Services

Cambs Compressors offer both ad-hoc servicing and as well as preventative maintenance service plans. If you want your air compressor and its attachments to last longer and perform with greater efficiency, then you need to engage in a preventative maintenance programme designed by a trained professional.

A service plan allows you to forecast your costs with accuracy and will give you the confidence to know that your compressor will be looked after and maintained in good condition at all times.


Air Compressor Remote Troubleshooting

When your compressor fails, time is of the essence, which is why Cambs Compressors have developed video conferencing trouble shooting using WhatsApp. A Cambs Compressors engineer reviews the reported issues, then walks you through a diagnostic process and in many cases solving your issues without waiting for an engineer call-out.


Proactive maintenance for compressors

Each compressed air system is unique, from the combination of components, pipelines and air distribution to how your operations utilise the energy source. Preventive maintenance consists of inspections of all consequential system components - some according to a daily schedule, others on a weekly, monthly, quarterly or annual basis - to ensure everything works as it should. If you detect problems early, you can take steps to rectify matters. This is why the preventative maintenance programme must be designed by a trained professional.


Low-cost measures that help avoid costlier situations

Only with preventive maintenance can you ensure the machines will work hour by hour, day after day, and continue to operate to their full life expectancy.


24 Hour Compressor Emergency Breakdown Call Out

Cambs Compressor are there for you if you have an equipment or system failure at any time of the day or night. Our 365 days a year for emergency air compressor repairs is available to all.


Emergency mobile compressors and compressed air dryers - to ensure downtime is minimised

Although Cambs Compressors target a ‘single visit fix’ and each engineer carries an extensive stock of consumables and spares, sometimes this isn’t possible. Which is why, to ensure your systems are back online as quickly as possible, the emergency call-out engineers have mobile compressors.


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