Compressed Air Systems Design & Installation Solutions

Whether it be a small modification to existing pipework or the design and installation of an entire compressed air system, Cambs Compressors can deliver the right solution for you. Our design expertise is extensive and our experience ranges from multi-million pound ‘new build’ powerstations to the UK’s leading pharma laboratories and pretty much everything in between.

Compressed air risk assessment - HSE Compliance

Once installed, you have primary responsibility for the pressure system within your premises. This means your employers’ duties in relation to the pressure system include ensuring the design and construction is fit for purpose and complies with all applicable regulations. Upon request by the relevant authorities you must have sufficient written information covering the design, construction, examination, operation and maintenance of the system.

A first step to working with you

Cambs Compressors provide a FREE compressed air system safety survey & energy audit. Within in which all components of your compressed air systems are inspected by a qualified engineer. General safety issues such as inspection frequency, maintenance schedules and training needs are highlighted as well as providing the basic documentation you will need if requested.

Helping you work safety and efficiently

System safety survey & energy audits play a major role in identifying health and safety risks. Whether it’s making you aware of the appropriate legislation, identifying wear and tear or below-standard installations. The survey will identify incorrectly specified equipment, air leaks, poorly sized and installed pipework, plus any fittings likely to pose a health and safety risk. The survey & audits provide recommendations so you can make a fully informed risk assessment on your compressed air system.

Reducing air leaks & optimising system performance

The first step to reduce compressed air energy costs is to measure and monitor your compressed air system’s energy consumption, flow rates and operating air pressure. Surprisingly small adjustments can reduce your operating pressure and energy costs while improving flow rates and output.


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