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How remote can your compressed air solution provider be when you’re fully engaged with technology?


Compressed air sales support from Thailand

When Richard Bachini, joined Cambs Compressors as a solutions provider, his experience in Compressed Air was as impressive as the countries he'd visited. Having worked in his family’s compressed air business, Richard had grown up within the industry. When the business was sold, Richard took the opportunity to take a sabbatical and travel the World. Fortunately for Cambs Compressors he returned to the UK and the industry he loved, wiser for his years overseas.

"If someone had asked me if I could have been a compressed air solutions provider in the UK whilst living in Thailand before the pandemic, I would have thought it a crazy idea. But as a result of the multiple lockdowns, I could demonstrate I was equally effective working remotely as out on the road. That’s when I had the idea - why not move to my favourite country? I explained my idea to Mark and he supported me in making the move. I now adjust my working hours to align with the business needs and it's been a great success."

Richard Bachini Cambs Compressors Solution Provider

Cambs Compressors, COVID and the technology shift

Like many other companies, Cambs Compressors digital transformation was accelerated by the pandemic and realisation that if you wanted to carry on technology was the way forward. Having regular Teams and Zoom meetings became the norm for many of us, with people working remotely as a result of the lockdowns. With digital systems and processes to support remote working location was no longer a factor of the role. This realisation and an MD with the vision to make it possible, Richard moved to Thailand and has been working remotely since autumn 2020.


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