Intelligent reporting on your compressed air system

Cambs Compressors technology transformation roll-out remains on track with the help of proactive customers like father and son Paul and Adam Wright of Wright Engineering.


Precision engineers have an eye for detail

The clue is in the description, 'precision engineer' so when we were looking for customers to help with the 'early adopters' roll-out, we immediately thought of Wright Engineering. Started by Paul, the company is is located in Ely, Cambridgeshire and now largely run by his son Adam. Wright Engineering Ltd is a leading provider of precision machining services, including CNC milling, CNC turning, precision grinding, prototyping, tooling and fixturing. They manufacture a wide variety of machined parts, spare parts and components for a wide range of industries, including motorsport, aerospace and medical.

“We want to set the bar high, and knowing the service levels Wright Engineering expect from us made them the perfect candidate. When I approached them I was delighted they agreed to take part and be our guinea pig. They have really helped us refine and optimise what we are going to be able to offer all clients. It means we'll be working above and beyond the expectations of most clients, and these new processes will help us create intelligent reporting for actionable insights.”

Mark Fryer Managing Director, Cambs Compressors

The key benefit of moving to the new system will be speed and transparency of communication.

This new system means our engineers have all the information they need at a mouse click when on site, your compressed air system profile and history will be instantly accessible. It will give the management team better access to key business data to help us improve the quality of our decision making. Our aim is to be the best compressed air service provider in the East of England and this is another step towards that goal.

“We’ve found success by exceeding expectations. This means a commitment to on-time delivery, competitive pricing, and providing service levels that are unique in the machining industry. “

Adam Wright Owner/Partner Wright Engineering


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