Compressor preventative maintenance contracts

2021 has seen a significant increase in compressor systems preventative maintenance contracts.


Holding fire on new compressed air investments

A notable trend so far in 2021, is the increase in businesses taking out preventative maintenance contracts. Businesses are making sure their older compressed air systems are running as efficiently as possible by implementing increased monthly checks while they plan for the future.

"We're finding businesses are more willing to stay on top of their compressed air systems through proactive intervention maintenance, whilst they see how their market, client base and internal work environment adjust to the impact of COVID 19.

Craig Turner DipCAM Service Manager, Cambs Compressors


At least 80% of industrial applications use compressed air

Compressed air systems are used throughout industry with at least 80% of industrial applications using compressed air in one or more of their processes. In the majority of compressed air systems efficiency improvements can be made and further energy savings can be achieved by replacing low efficiency components with more efficient products which incorporate energy saving controls. However, with the pandemic so many companies have rethought their business strategy, and are saying they are in a 'wait and see' holding position until things settle down.


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