New Compressed Air Apprentice Wanted

Apprentice Maintenance & Operations Engineering Technician, Jordan Baker, is looking forward having a new apprentice join as he moves up the ladder.


Cambs Compressors has helped Jordan develop his skills

As Cambs Compressors expands and grows, we are constantly seeking people to join our team. The person we are looking for may or may not have achieved the best exams results, however they will have an inquisitive mind. We are looking for the ‘can do’ people to join our team, because we can give you the skills but the right attitude is must.

“An apprenticeship is a great way to develop your skills and working with Cambs Compressors means every day is different. With clients as diverse as Life Sciences to Agriculture, the range of businesses and installations means no two days are ever the same.”

Jordan Baker Apprentice Maintenance & Operations Engineering Technician, Cambs Compressors


Enhancing practical skills with academic learning

Like most school leavers Jordan had little idea of what being a 'Apprentice Maintenance & Operations Engineering Technician' really entailed. Jordan has since found it involves maintaining the safety, integrity and effective operation of plant and equipment in industries from pharmaceutical to aerospace and much more.

The work involves installation, testing, servicing, removal, replacement, maintenance and repair of a range of equipment, sometimes complex, as part of planned preventative and reactive maintenance programmes. If you are interested in an apprenticeship like this and live near our offices, then give us a call or drop us an email.


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