Why band tour bus company chooses nitrogen for it’s fleets tyres

The air we breathe is 78 per cent nitrogen and 21 per cent oxygen, so Cambs Compressors filtered out the oxygen from the companies tyre compressor - to provide a whole host of benefits.

What makes nitrogen more effective than compressed air?

Nitrogen gas is non-combustible, non-flammable, non-corrosive in pure form and environmentally friendly. Nitrogen tyre gas does not attack or oxidise the rubber of the tyre from the inside like air does. It is a pure gas, so it does not hold heat and the tyres run cooler.

Why does a luxury tour bus need nitrogen filled tyres?

Buses are subject to a safety inspection every 10 weeks, or 6 weeks if the bus is over 12 years of age. Given a tour bus will be on the road and not may not be available between inspections it's really important the tyre pressures remain as constant as possible. Dry nitrogen mitigates tyre pressure variations, because it's the biggest molecule gas, so it is the slowest gas to migrate through a tyre. This means there is very little loss of pressure.

Nitrogen delivers several key benefits:

  • Maximises fuel economy. Under inflated tyres increase your vehicle's drag, which increases fuel consumption.
  • Increases tyre replacement cycles. Reducing the tyre’s running temperature, can increase tread life giving an improvement in tyre life of up to 20%
  • Reduced maintenance. Compressed air contains water vapour, which accelerates rust, corrosion and damage to wheels
  • Improved road handling. As tyres heat up, their inflation pressure increases, which then reduces the size of the tyre’s footprint - the area that has contact with the road - the tyre then loses grip because of this smaller footprint. So the cooler they run, the better the tyres will grip the road.

Who else uses nitrogen compressors for tyres?

Formula 1 teams, commercial airlines, and NASA have been using nitrogen for years because its chemical properties are recognised to maintain tire pressure longer, resist heat buildup better, and reduce the potential of freezing at high altitudes, compared to plain compressed air.


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