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As a full-service compressed air specialist, we offer installation, maintenance, repairs (including emergency repairs), upgrades and decommissioning of compressors, dryers, filtration systems and air pipework.

Dedicated to maintaining and improving the effectiveness of compressed air systems
It's generally accepted that approximately 50% of compressed air systems at small to medium sized industrial facilities are wasting energy. The chief reason for inefficient air compression is the loss of heat generated from the increased temperature of pressurised air and from friction caused by the system’s many moving parts. Making a few adjustments to your compressed air system, you can save significant amounts of energy and money.

The quality of the air intake is one key area

  • Cool air is more dense and requires less energy to compress.
  • Clean air intake reduces wear & tear because the compressed air can move more smoothly through the system.
  • Dry air, because moisture can accumulates inside the system, causing components to rust.

Poorly maintained air compression systems can cause wasted energy and money

Improving the efficiency of your compressed air system is relatively easy, with the correct procedures in place. With proper maintenance, there’s no reason your system can’t provide cost savings along with high performance. Cambs Compressors offer a free on-site assessment; we'll provide your system with a health check and highlight the potential savings you could make. We can help you set out procedures for maintaining the compressed air system and ensure your employees are properly trained in them.


The first step is a FREE Compressed Air System Safety Survey & Energy Audit

System safety survey & energy audits will identify inefficient equipment, maintenance procedures, and recommend low cost/no cost measures to reduce cost such as leak detection and repair to reduce system waste.

  • Compressed Air Systems Design & Installation
  • Compressed Air Equipment Sales
  • Compressed Air Maintenance Services

To ensure we can provide the highest service levels and most responsive support, our Flexible Maintenance Support Agreements are only eligible to facilities operating within 50 miles of St Ives, Cambridgeshire but don’t worry, we’ll confirm this before wasting any of your time.


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