Super dry compressed air unit

Cambs Compressors cutting edge ‘super dry air’ controller unit sales soar.


DAC’s Super-Dry compressed air unit

The DAC’s system is a cutting edge moisture content controller for compressed air, developed by Cambs Compressors to meet the needs of OEMs. The standalone unit shuts down the air supply to the equipment it supports, if the moisture level exceeds the specified level. The system is small enough to be incorporated within a product or point of use application. The DAC’s Super-Dry compressed air unit is used by several OEM’s across the world in applications in a vast range of applications in the research, medical, education, and pharmaceutical industries. DAC’s applications have been diverse and include making cement and adhesives, bio, medical and pharma applications as well as hi-tech electronics manufacture.


DAC’s resolves issues with moisture, bacteria and other contaminates

Many kinds of microorganisms can live in compressed air systems, including bacteria, mould and yeast. These organisms thrive in damp, dark places (such as your compressed air piping), and they can grow anywhere where there are suitable conditions. Compressed air microbial contamination is a much bigger concern for the food, pharmaceutical and medical industries. If microorganisms are growing in a compressed air system that is used in direct or indirect contact with food products, then the microbes can cause spoilage or disease. Bacteria like Salmonella, Shigella, E. coli, and Coliforms are all of particular concern to food manufacturers.


DAC’s resolves seasonal changes or increases in ambient humidity

Environmental conditions, such as seasonal changes or increases in humidity, can also contribute to the growth of microorganisms. Maintaining a dry, clean system will go a long way towards reducing the risk of microbial contamination in compressed air. This is exactly why the DAC’s system was developed.


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