Making compressed air personal

Face to face visits help you understand the changing needs of compressed air within the business


Mark out on the road again, getting to see the clients

As we see restrictions loosen, it's great to get back out and meet customers to understand their challenges first hand. Video conferencing is a great tool to save time, access a wider pool of knowledge and skills to identify solutions, but face to face still has a place in developing a better understanding. Walking through the different business environments and understanding how each client uses compressed air within their operations, provides a much deeper engagement. It enables conversation to explore possible areas of inefficiency, identify potential improvements and even proactively avoid possible future issues.

Our business is to understand how you use compressed air

Our clients understand their business and what they need from their compressed air system. It's our job as compressed air engineers, to read between the lines and predict issues with how this energy source is used, maintained or how the environment will impact upon it. It's almost impossible to do remotely, and at Cambs Compressors we much prefer to avoid a breakdown or expensive repair through acting on our vast experience to spot potential issues before they become a problem.


Want a catch-up?

Why not book a site visit to explain the changes in your business since COVID and get Mark or one of our other solutions engineers to carry out a no obligation site survey.


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